Fuel for Discussion – Episode 1:
Powering through the Storm

September 22, 2017

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This podcast airs in advance of National Clean Energy Week, which runs from Sep. 25-29 and will bring together energy leaders for a week of events and activities in Washington and across America highlighting the value and benefits of clean energy solutions. As a member of the steering committee for this event, the Clean Energy Business Network is particularly focused on sharing the contributions of small- and medium-size businesses providing common-sense energy solutions. For more information on NCEW please visit

This September, communities across the U.S., Mexico, and Caribbean have been ravaged by hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. The loss of life and destruction from these disasters has been simply devastating. At recording, Hurricane Maria made her way through the Caribbean, pounding communities that were still reeling from Hurricane Irma.

Unfortunately, when the floodwaters recede and the winds die down, the danger is often just beginning. Many people are left without basic necessities such as food, clean water, shelter, or power in the wake of these deadly storms.

On the CEBN’s first podcast episode, we honed in on one of these issues—the loss of power—and took a moment in the midst of these ongoing crises to think about forward-looking solutions. What should we do to shore up communities against power outages caused by natural disasters and other sources of grid disruptions? Hear from CEBN members as they share their answers in light of a devastating cluster of natural disasters across North America.

The examples featured on this discussion are just a few of the many clean, efficient technologies that can improve reliability.  There are many options that can provide reliable onsite power or help balance load and direct energy to where it’s needed most: geothermal, fuel cells, biomass, combined heat and power, waste heat to power, storage coupled with renewables, microgrids, and efficiency strategies.

Featured speakers:

Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Capstone Turbine Corp.

Loy Sneary, President and CEO, Gulf Coast Green Energy

James Jackson, Chief Business Development Officer, Thermal Energy Partners

Lisa Laughner, President and CEO, Go Electric Inc

Adam Zellner, Finance and Government Relations Expert, Greener by Design

Rita Hansen, CEO and Co-Founder, On Board Dynamics


Host: Lynn Abramson, Executive Director, Clean Energy Business Network


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The CEBN is a group of 3,000+ business leaders working in every aspect of the clean energy economy.  Our members are diverse, but predominantly C-suite executives of small- to medium-size businesses across the U.S.  Started in 2009 by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the CEBN is now an independent initiative of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, where we work to inform and engage business leaders in energy policy issues, increase public and policymaker awareness of clean energy solutions, and offer resources to help members address common business challenges. Please visit to learn more about the network or to join.